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Stand Out in the crowd

Looking to elevate your brand to new heights? Create your very own aluminium bottle design that brings style to sustainability

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streamlined process

Easily bring your vision to life – We offer assistance in product development, printing, and manufacturing by Bluesky Beverages' in-house food science & design team

versatile function

Bespoke bottling solution for events, merchandise, retail outlets, hotels, tourism agencies, government organisations, entertainment venues, and many more. Our custom aluminium  bottles can suit every need.


how it works


Select your bottle size and still or sparkling water.


Download the template to start creating your unique design. If you prefer, our team can assist for a small fee


Once your design is finalised, we will conduct a test print for your approval and confirm your order

Silver 450ml Standard.png
Silver 330ml Standard.png
Silver 450ml Premium_edited.png

premium 450ml bottles

450ml bottles

330ml bottles

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